Saturday, February 14, 2015

Small clothing and makeup HAUL! – Dora

Hi guys! So this week was a little bit tiring for me, so I went shopping on Friday to release a little bit of stress. :D At first I only wanted jeans, but then I saw some others things as well... soooo I was like: you know, just for now! :D

So the first thing I bought is a girlfriend jeans and it is from H&M. Originally I wanted boyfriend jeans, but I could not find one, which I liked perfectly so when I found this I thought this is perfect for me even though the label has girlfriend jeans on.
It has a nice light blue color and it is ripped by the knees and on a few other places as well. It is looser so it is really comfortable.

The next to thing what I bought is a plain loose white T-shirt and a brown belt. These are also from H&M.

And last but not least I bought a black little sneaker for the summer. I bought this in Austria in Vögele Shoes. I love these shoes, because it is easy to wear them and they are really comfortable for everyday wear.

And then 2 lip products, one is from Maybelline and the other one is from Bourjois.
The Maybelline one is the Vivid lipstick in the color Shocking Coral. It has a really vibrant coral color with a pink undertone; I would say it is a little bit neon. It is really creamy and it has and amazing opaque color and it does not dry your lips out!
The Bourjois one is a really nice vibrant orange red! It is AMAZING! I really love red colors which has more of like an orange undertone and this is just… perfect! This is the Velvet Rouge in the color Hot Pepper. These are liquid lipsticks, which have a little shine when you apply them, but they dry completely matt. You can also blot them a little bit after applying it, so it becomes even more matt. They are not enhancing the dry parts of your lips and it does not budge.

I hope you liked it! :D


  1. These all look wonderful! I love the colour of the Maybelline lipstick ♥
    Amy xx

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