Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Easy Delicious Tropical Smoothie! - Dora

Hi guys! So I thought we already have posts in every section, so I thought it’s time to do a post which is related to our belly! :D So today I brought an easy smoothie. I really like to experiment with drinks and in the last couple of months I really enjoyed drinking pure fruit drinks. So I hope you find it as delicious as I am and let’s get started and let’s see the ingredients! :D


1 orange
2 kiwifruit
½ squeezed lemon juice
1 cup pineapple juice
(if you like the sweater drinks, you can add sugar or sweetener as well)

The first thing is obviously is to peel the kiwis and the orange (of course if you want you can add more orange or kiwifruit). Then just put it in the blender, add the squeezed lemon and the pineapple juice (and sugar, if you want) and then just turn on the blender and blend it well. Of course if you want to put in other fruits, you can, it has countless varieties and it depends on what you like or what you have at home of course.
After you are done with the blending, I like to filter it, because the kiwifruit seeds are disturbing me :D but if you are fine with that, then you are done! :D You can add ice-cubs as well. This is a perfect summer freshener, although I have to tell you, that I like to drink it in every season.

I hope you try it and you are going to like it! :) 

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