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Lipsticks for Fall - Dora

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So today I came with a post, which is related to fall. Yes, sadly here in Hungary the summer ended and the weather starts to get a little colder. So I thought that this is the best time to write a post about fall lipsticks. Hope you enjoy!

So I choose 7 lipsticks, which I think is perfect for the fall time. There are dark vampy ones, but I also included some more natural and wearable ones for everyday as well.

L to R: 1. Avon Tint, 2. NYC, 3. Astor, 4. L'oreal, 5. MAC, 6. Avon Pro, 7. Rimmel

1. AVON Ultra-Colour Lip Tint Pen (Raspberry)
So as you can find out from its name, this is a lip stain. This has a really nice vibrant reddish-pinkish colour, which looks great in the fall time as well. Because it is a stain it stays on really well so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it in every hour. And of course it has a matte finish, so before you apply it I recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your lips really well, because lip stains can be a bit drying.

2. NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain 16H (Forever Mine Wine 499)
The next one is also a lip stain, so just like by the AVON one I really recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your lips really well before applying it. It stays on really well. For me it stayed on for 2 days because even though I washed it off at night, it just stained my lips so much that my lips were purple on the next day as well. :D This NYC one has a really nice purply, berry colour and you can build it up to a really dark and vampy colour.

3. Astor Perfect Stay Transfer-proof Lip Tint & Care (Rosewood Blush 103)
So this Astor one is the last lip stain! This is the most natural one, because this has not as an opaque colour as the other ones. The colour is really beautiful and also very wearable for every day. It has a really nice dusty rose colour and also it has a nice lip balm on the other end of the lip stain, which is really handy! :)

L to R: 1. Avon Tint, 2. NYC, 3. Astor

4. L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain (Milady 402)
So this product has a really interesting consistency, because it feels like a lip gloss, but also it really acts as a lip stain, because even after you take it off, the colour will fade a bit, but your lips will still have a bit of stain. Also it has a really nice shine, just as the name says. It is not sticky, feels really comfortable and it is really moisturizing. This one has a really nice purple colour with a bit of pink and berry undertone.

4. L'oreal, 5. MAC, 6. Avon Pro, 7. Rimmel
5. MAC Matte Lipstick (Diva)
This lipstick… Well I think a lot of you already know MAC lipsticks. They are amazing just as this one. The Diva lipstick has a reddish-burgundy colour and it has a matte finish, but it is not as drying as the other matte lipsticks. Definitely this lipstick has the most opaque colour and because it has a matte finish it stays on really well. Of course this is not really an everyday colour, but if you are brave enough then wear it during the day as well! :)

6. AVON Pro-To Go Lipstick (Cherry Glisten)
This lipstick has a really nice red colour, but it’s really sheer so it’s perfect for every day. It has a glossy finish so it will not dry out your lips, even in the colder months as well. I really like this colour, because it works really well with lighter and with darker skin tones as well.

7. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick (03)
So the last lipstick is a nude, of course. You can never go wrong with a nice nude colour; they are perfect in every season! :) The Kate Moss lipsticks are amazing; they have really nice colour range and pigmentation and they last really well. This is a not a really pale nude, it has a bit of pinkish-brownish undertone. This one is perfect to complement a smoky eye or just for everyday wear.

And some swatches! :)

L to R: 1. Avon Tint, 2. NYC, 3. Astor, 4. L'oreal, 5. MAC, 6. Avon Pro, 7. Rimmel

So these are my lipstick recommendations for fall! I hope it was helpful! :)

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