Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Brush Haul + Review! – Dora

Hi everyone! :)

So today I brought some new brushes! 2 or 3 weeks ago I finally got my brushes from iHerb (it took only one and a half week). I have to tell I love them all, they have amazing quality and they work perfectly! So let’s get started! :)

I am going to show you my new brush set from Real Techniques! Real Techniques is one of my favorite brush brands so of course I had to get this set, which is the Nic’s picks set. It has 5 brushes and it has three exclusive one, which you can only buy in this set. Also this set is limited edition, so if you want to get it don’t hesitate for too long. :)

1. Duo Fiber Face Brush
So the first brush is a duo fiber brush. This works perfectly for powder and mineral products. I really love to use this brush for powder foundations, because it still gives a good coverage, but at the same time it is really natural on the skin. I think this brush also amazing to use if you only want to bronze up your face a little bit, because as I sad it leaves a natural finish. This brush also perfect for blush.

2. Cheek Brush (set exclusive)
The next one is maybe my favorite one of this set. This is the cheek brush. This one is a set exclusive. I think this has the perfect size to put blush on the apples of the cheeks. It picks up the products perfectly and it is really soft! It has a more of a flat shape, which makes it easier to just pat the color on the cheeks! 

3. Angled shadow brush (set exclusive)
This has a really nice angled shape and it’s fluffy so it’s perfect to put colors in the crease or just to blend the eye shadows well. This brush is also a set exclusive.

4. Base shadow brush
This brush is part of the permanent brushes so you can buy it anytime. It’s a small, fluffy blending brush, perfect to blend or just to pack on eye shadows. This brush is really similar to the MAC 217 brush.

5. Eyeliner brush (set exclusive)
The last one is an angled brush which is perfect for brows or eyeliner. It’s really small and thin so this brush is perfect for precise lines. I really like to use this with my MAC Brow Fluidline Gelcreme. The result: perfect brows!

All of these brushes are synthetic so they are perfect for both cream and powder products! They are perfect in prize and size. :D They are perfect for travelling.

Also I’d like to mention where you can buy them. You can buy these brushes from the original Real Techniques web shop: http://realtechniques.com/ (actually now came out they new metal brush collection it is amazing). Or you can buy it at http://www.iherb.com/ where if you use the code TLQ590 you can get up to 10$ off from you first order.

I really hope you liked this post and you find it helpful! :)

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