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Drugstore Favourites! - The Makeup Part! - Dora

Hi everyone! So I thought I’m going to do a post about this, because sometimes my friends ask me if I can recommend some good makeup product and when I say them a really good one sometimes it’s a little bit pricey, so they ask if I can recommend something from the drugstore! And I always say: OF COURSE! I actually love drugstore, because there are a lot of good but cheap product and if you are really lucky you can find really good dupes for the famous brands! :) So let’s get started!

1. Foundation: The base of our whole makeup!
For me the ONE is the L’oreal True Match (W1). This foundation is just perfect for special occasions or even for every day. It has medium to full coverage, and it’s buildable. It’s not to shiny or matt, and it’s perfect for every skin type. It stays on pretty well, it’s not the foundation, that you can go on a festival for a whole day and it won’t even fade, but it has a good lasting power. It has a really good color range as well, so you are able to find your perfect match! :)

2. Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer!
Oh yes! But! I will start with the sad news, you can’t buy it in Hungary and it has only four colors, so maybe you won’t find one, which will match your skin perfectly. The next BUT! It has amazing coverage, it lasts a really long time and it’s only 4-5 £ which is amazing! It has kind of a foam applicator. It is really amazing!

3. Powder: Manhattan Soft Matte Loose Powder!
This is a really nice and fine loose setting powder, it’s really cheap and it’s not heavy, perfect for everyday use. It won’t give you coverage, but it will take away the excess shine.

4. Brow Products: Catrice Brow Pencil and Brow Gel
The pencil has a really nice texture, it’s not too soft and not too hard, so it’s easy to work with it. It’s in a regular pencil form and it has a little spoolie, which is really handy. The brow gel comes in two colors, a clear and a brown one. I think it’s perfect it gives a little more color and sets the brows for 
the whole day. And they are really inexpensive! I love this combo!

5. Eyepencil: Catrice made to stay inside eye highlighter pencil!
I don’t really like dark eyeliners for everyday use, but this is perfect for every day. It’s a flesh toned pencil. It makes your eyes look much more awake.

6. Mascara: Max Factor False Lash Effect!
Yeah, it’s seriously gives you what it says. It makes your lashes look like you are wearing false lashes. It thickens and it makes the lashes nice and long. It has a plastic wand. It’s not really cheap, but I think it worth every penny.

7. Bronzer: Rimmel Natural Bronzer!
Okay, I have to tell you, that this makeup product is so good, BUT the packaging is just a crap. Sorry Rimmel, but really. The lid can break really easily (mine already did) and it just a plastic little thing. The stuff inside deserve a much better packaging! It’s has a really nice formula. It's easy to pick up with the brush, but it’s a little bit powdery. But for beginners it’s perfect, because it’s not too opaque, so for you it’s not too easy to use too much. It has just a tiny bit of shimmer, nothing overpowering. So I think this product is really nice (but not the packaging).

8. Blush: Nyx cream blushes!
I don’t have to talk a lot about them. It has a lot of colors, it is really pigmented and it has really a nice formula. LOVE them!

9. Eyes: Maybelline Color Tattoos!
I think they are the dupes for the MAC paint pots. There are a lot of colors and there are different finishes (matt, shimmery). They are really creamy, long wearing and you can also use them as an eye primer. They stay on for a really long time and they are perfect for everyday use, because it’s really easy to put them on. I think the best tool you can use for them is your fingers, because with fingers it’s really easy to blend them nicely.

10. Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner!
I really like Maybelline products, but with this eyeliner I am really impressed. It comes in a little glass pot (which makes it so fancy to me :D) and you get also a little brush. This eyeliner is really creamy and it's really opaque. And it lasts all day! Even in the rain (I tried :D)!  

11: Lips: Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks!
They are so amazing! In the collection you can find red, nude, pink, orange or burgundy colors. The formulas are really nice, some of them is more matte and some of them has a really nice creamy finish. And I have to tell the packaging is really nice, it’s simple but great!

I hope you liked it! :) And comment below what is Your favourite drugstore makeup! I am really intrested and I would like to try them out! :D

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