Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 Summer Travelling Diary - Sicily - Zsofi

A lot of people love traveling, so do I! I adore exploring new countries, getting to know their culture and discovering new places I have never been before. Fortunately, I can say that I am a really lucky girl, who has a lot of chance to travel to different lands. In summer, with my family we were in 3 different countries, and today I brought you my brief summing-up about our journey in Sicily.

First of all, I was really excited to go to Sicily, because I learn Italian at school, so I had the chance to practice the language. It was really interesting speaking a dissimilar language from English. But it was a success, because they understood what I wanted to say. :) Italy has a really thrilling culture, with their food, habits, language and so many other things!
We spent there 1 week but we tried to explore as many part of the island as we could. On the first day we arrived in Palermo and we were there for 2-3 days. We visited a lot of monument, we ate original Italian pizza and pasta. :)

Then we discovered little villages, which were my favorites! Especially Taormina, which is a tiny village built on the mountainside! The sea was amazingly clear there and the whole beach had a beautiful atmosphere! :)

The last 3 days we spent in Catania. We climbed up to see the Etna. Actually, we were fortunate, because the volcano had broke out a few days earlier we went to Sicily and when we were on the top, it was still smouldering and made soft sounds! Oh my Goodness Gracious, it was the most exciting and memorable thing during the whole trip! :)

- Sophie

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