Monday, January 19, 2015

My Real Techniques Brush Collection - Dora

Hi Guys! How are you doing? Actually you have to know about me, that I love makeup brushes! I have a ton of them and my favorite makeup brush brands are Sigma and Real Techniques. Both of them have amazing quality but they are still good in price.
And today I want to show you my Real Techniques collection, because I have quite a few of them. And I want to buy some more as well because I love them so much, they have really good quality for the price. Oh and I forgot to mention that they have synthetic bristles so they don’t absorb too much product and they are soft like a feather.

The first one is the Powder Brush (1)
Okay… so I think this is the biggest brush I have ever seen. It’s really big soft and perfect for powder products. It’s perfect for powder or just to bronze up the skin little bit.

The next one is the Blush Brush (2)
My favorite makeup products are blushes, that is why I have a lot of blush brushes. But this is my favorite. It has the perfect shape to put the blush on the apples of the cheeks and also I think this is the softest one. It also can be used for bronzer, powder.

The third one is the Expert Face Brush (3)
This one is perfect for cream products. I like to use this for my foundation, cream blushes, cream highlighters and cream contour and even for my concealer. This brush is really amazing because you can really work the foundation into your skin and it won’t be patchy.

The fourth one is the Stippling Brush (4)
This brush is duo fiber, which means that it has two types of bristles: a shorter and a longer one. It is perfect for light foundations, cream blushes or highlights.

The fifth individual one is the Setting Brush (5)
I really love this tiny brush. It’s great to set the concealer underneath the eyes with powder. But actually I like to use it also to buff the concealer under my eyes. It has just the perfect size, which fits just right under the eyes.

Then I have another four brushes which came in a set with a case and it's called the Core Collection. At first I thought that this case is going to be too small to my liking, but actually whenever I travel I use this case.

The Core Collection in the black case

The first one is the Buffing Brush (1)
For foundation I think this is the perfect if you want a flawless and perfect finish. I don’t know how, but this brush makes all of my foundations invisible on my skin. I think this brush is one of my all-time favorites. Also this one is perfect for mineral foundations, because you can really buff it into the skin.

The next one is the Contour Brush (4)
Honestly, I don’t really contour my face, but when I do I use this brush. Just as the others this is completely perfect for cream contour, or if you have smaller face it’s perfect for blush as well. I like to use this brush also for my highlight. But I often use this brush for concealer, because it has a nice little pointy tip.

The third one from the kit is the Pointed Foundation Brush (3)
In my opinion this brush is too small for foundation, but in the same time it is perfect for concealer or highlighter.

And the last one is the Detailer Brush (2)
This brush is perfect for concealing little spots or blemishes, because it’s really small and it has a pointy end.

So yeah this is my current Real Techniques brush collection. I love them all as you can tell, and I am definitely going to buy some more in the near future.

Also I’d like to mention where you can buy them. You can buy these brushes from the original Real Techniques web shop: http://realtechniques.com/  (actually they have a new metal brush collection as well, which is amazing) or you can buy it at http://www.iherb.com/ where if you use the code TLQ590 you can get up to 10$ off from you first order.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a nice day! :)

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